1. The dog can talk, the cat can use the human signal for choking, but the main problem with the cartoon is that “dogs don’t learn the Heimlich”. ?

  2. “since when do dogs learn the Heimlich Maneuver anyway?”

    Since right after they started talking, obviously.

  3. “since when do dogs learn the Heimlich Maneuver anyway?”
    I don’t know “since when” nor if they’ve ever learned it, but I’ve heard reports of them performing a jump-on-chest version for decades.

    Tomorrow morning, I’m going to see what our house Brittany (formerly spaniel) does when I lie on the floor and don’t breath. (I’ll try it at the time when I would normally be taking him out for a run. He’s almost 12 and recently lost the last of his hearing)

  4. “So… the cat’s going to choke to death and ha-ha??”

    Cat’s clean themselves by licking their fur. Cats shed hair. Combine these two fact with the third one… hair is nearly indigestible, and you understand a problem that cats get… hairballs.
    A cat will one moment be engaging in some ordinary feline activity (usually sleeping), and then suddenly lurch upright, make the most ungodly of sounds while obviously dry-heaving, giving the owner just enough time to ALMOST move the cat to a spot that isn’t directly above something important, valuable, or both, and then will throw up whatever its last meal consisted of, plus nasty stomach fluids, plus a wad of used cat hair.
    If you were unfamiliar with it, you might assume the cat was choking, leaving the cat time to plant that that hairball in the geometric center of your bed, or across your keyboard, or just the floor where you can find it in the morning when you walk around barefoot.
    You can reduce the number of hairballs a cat will produce by brushing the fur off as the cat sheds. In most cases, the cat actually appreciates this. However, the shedding never stops so there will always be more of the cat’s used hair accumulating in the digestive system, waiting for about 3:00am to re-emerge.

  5. I find it odd that I can cite any number of jokes and/or cartoons about cats and hairballs, but despite decades of experience, I have never seen any of the real cats that I have known actually produce one.

  6. You rarely see it But if your cat likes you, you’ll get a few warning “huh-ack!” before the hairball is produced. I’ve seen cats that didn’t give warning… but for some reason, hairballs like to come in the dark and quiet part of the night, so my experience is waking up to the sound, and putting the cat on the floor before I run out of warning heaves.

  7. The dog is the cat’s natural enemy. Why bother getting in trouble for attacking the cat when he can sit back and do nothing while the cat chokes to death on his own?

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