1. That Soup to Nutz joke has been floating around the internet since at least 2014. (Huh. One day shy of being that tweet’s 5th anniversary.)

    And to explain it…

    ‘A baby’s laughter is the most beautiful sound you can hear’ Aw, sweet.
    ‘Unless it’s 3AM’ Ah, yes…damn kids won’t sleep.
    ‘And you’re home alone, and you don’t have a baby.’ Wait, then who was phonewhere tf was the baby laughter coming from?

  2. It took me forever to figure out what was going on in Speed Bump. I thought it was just badly drawn perspective. The floor being colored yellow didn’t help either.

  3. @ DemtriosX – Thanks, I missed that completely. The comic is much better, but now I think it should have been in Saturday’s “Ewww” collection. There was a similar joke in Non Sequitur last week:

  4. According to Peter Pan (and Disney), a baby’s laughter is where fairies come from. So you might want to check if you have a fairy infestation.

  5. The images in “This is Priceless” is clear enough that a person familiar with the book that a well read person would be able to identify it. I wonder what book it is.

  6. Soup to Nutz reminds me of one of Jack Handy’s Deep Thoughts: Would we be so casual about chopping down trees if they could scream? Probably, if they screamed really loud, at unpredictable times, for no particular reason.

  7. @ woozy & Andréa – After I figured out how to rotate the image around without having the tablet rotate it back, it seems to me that the characters drawn in the book have strange heads, and look more like anthropomorphic animals rather than people.

  8. Kilby: it’s because they wear hats (painting from 1900); here’s a picture with better resolution:

  9. Color plates and a very large book. Would have been quite expensive. Unless those are color plates in the inset center of a regular book. Still color and single illustration to a page would be quite expensive.

  10. It’s a sketch book, so, only originals, no reproductions, unless these are sketches of paintings seen in a museum.

  11. Woozy: it wouldn’t unless one used watercolor, or even paint, instead of pencil; dictionaries define a sketch as “a simply or hastily executed drawing or painting”. In the past, sketchbooks would replace photographic albums: for most people, color is better than black and white.

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