1. @ woozy – I think the comment made by the waffles was referring to the sales figures for the flapjacks, which do count as hotcakes.

  2. @Mitch4 My sister flipped houses for a while, and she and her friend had “bought” at least one house that was unfinished new construction. (That was NOT a good idea, thinking a buyer would come along soon, when the speculative builder didn’t have time to wait and would therefore be selling low. It might be okay for someone who doesn’t have to take out a loan to do it.)

  3. “I think the comment made by the waffles was referring to the sales figures for the flapjacks, which do count as hotcakes.”

    Right, but the reason it is “Waffle House” and “House of Pancakes” and not the SPCA and Radio Shack is that the three things “Waffle House” and “House of Pancakes” and the hypothetical “Flapjack Condos” is that they have things in common and that any comment one of them will say will reflect that. But waffles are not hotcakes so the comment fails to refer to any connection between them.

    I mean would you have found it to be funny if it had been The Muffin Shack that had said it?

  4. I wonder if this was supposed to simply be a neighborhood of houses where the 2 houses are uncomfortable with a condo building next door. In this scenario, maybe flapjacks also represent undesirable residents such as commuting young professionals who don’t really become part of the community. The comment just pulls it all together.

  5. Mitch4, some odd synchronicity… I was just listening to a lecture about Walt Whitman that mentioned his father doing that precise thing: building homes, living in them until the next one was built, and then selling them.

    Honestly I’m not sure why a buyer would want a house “broken in” by another family, but I’m two centuries too late to question Whitman Père about it.

  6. ” double-pun, because Penn and Teller are magicians.”

    I don’t think that counts. It’s okay for a pun to say “want to see something” and then pointing to something that sounds like what you said, for example “Want to see two magicians? Pen and Teller!”. But it’s not okay to say “want to see something” and point to something that will make the thing. You can’t say “Want to see a magic trick” and then point to Penn and Teller who just happen to be walking down the street and say “There! They’re magicians; eventually they’ll do a magic trick”.

  7. @Grawlix: From Wikipedia’s IHOP entry: “The company has 1,650 locations in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.”

  8. Wikipedia: “Oceania is a geographic region comprising Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.”

    Okay, who besides me knew only the last 2 names. and think, maybe, they’ve heard of Oceania, but didn’t know where it was? (Anyone else have the thought, “Isn’t that ‘Oceana'”?)

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