1. Are we to assume that “stuffed humans” are stuffed humans in the same sense that stuffed bears are stuffed bears? In other words, just dolls? If so, stuffed humans are already sold in toy stores everywhere, and aren’t particularly creepy (well, some are in certain contexts).

  2. When I submitted this, I mentioned to Bill that it may only be creepy to me, because last month I read a book in which a [not quite sane, to say the least] taxidermist set up an entire Nativity set with . . . taxidermied humans. So my mind went right to that, not even THINKING about ‘stuffed humans’ in the way that teddy bears are ‘stuffed bears’. My own take, and my bad. G

    It’s good to get other perspectives . . . Come for the comics, stay for the comments!

  3. No worries, Andréa, and my mind is twisted enough to go there too… I just wasn’t sure if I was missing something in the comic that implied actual stuffed humans. The comic does seem to be drawn with a creepy tone – the trees, the darkness, etc. The way it’s drawn, it doesn’t feel like a carnival at all, but an abandoned, overgrown amusement park that a lone bear happened to find.

    But still, the joke itself reads as a standard “species swap” joke, IMO. Even the stuffed humans in the background look like ordinary manufactured dolls (to me).

  4. Andréa, most of the tags we use here are completely subjective (which is why I like to use “submitted by” whenever possible), and therefore don’t need to be at all justified.

  5. Yes, I should have used “explained.”

    Ever have one of those days when your language skills have completely left the building and are probably skiing up in Vermont or something?

  6. Oh great! Now the teddy bear village in our house has decided that they will put in a games section with small human dolls as prizes. They are going to take the booth set up for ski and sled rental in cold weather and sodas and honey juice purchase in hot weather and add in games to play for prizes in fall and spring. And do you know who will have to make these games for them to play – me!

    (Yes, we know that they are just bear figurines and toys, but they do seem to have a life of their own.)

  7. Husband is currently figuring out how to make the booth for the bears to knock over tiny bottles with a ball and win people (dolls) as prizes. Gee, I thought adding a bear accountant to prepare taxes for the other bears was strange enough.

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