1. Kamino Neko got it. This is one where better artwork would have helped. The weird linkage between the lamp and the attachment to the ceiling (or wall) was not obvious for what it was. Also, the lamp had to be an odd shape and size in order to hold all of the text.

  2. Seeing what is going on with the detached lamp attachment is not helped by placing it among the clutter of the arm of the sofa and the lady with the box of gubbins, when it would have been far more obvious placed over the clear open space of the sofa back.

  3. Yes, a bit hard to decode the view. We’re seeing part of the wall, from the side that would have been inside. Those four bolts however should probably have been shown as the points of screw anchors, not what seem to be the heads of the bolts or screws.

  4. Next time we have a discussion about comics tropes, we should add the one about a hit on the head that is demonstrated by a protruding lump.

  5. Of course that’s supposed to be one of those seasonal affective disorder lamps. I didn’t have much trouble with this one, although I’m unsure if she has a tear coming down or if it’s just poor drawing.

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