1. “I expect Bill was just referring to the resting calorie burn rate.”

    Better bet is that it’s a reference to the non-resting rate.

  2. I am guessing there is a scientific paper somewhere that measured calorie expenditure rate for a certain activity. I would not be surprised if there was, for I know of another scientific paper dealing with an MRI scan of said activity. Give it time and they will be doing that activity.

  3. @Arthur: They’ve been dancing all week. I don’t think it was ever stated they were doing it for exercise, but Janis seems to think so. Now they’re slow dancing and she’s complaining they aren’t getting any exercise doing that. Arlo suggests that slow dancing will eventually lead to a more vigorous activity.

    And this strip stuck me with the joke about Baptists not having sex standing up, because they’re afraid it will lead to dancing.

  4. @Singapore Bill: Yes, it did. The participants had to remain immobile for periods of time. But it resulted in successful images. If you search for it on the Web you will easily find it. There is even an animation made from a series of still images.

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