1. His idiot friends thought they were getting a racy movie for the party, but instead wound up with a movie about a sheepherding pig. Why it has to be a “graduatin’-from-bartender-school” party, I have no idea. Seems overly complex. I’d think bachelor party would have served as well if not better.

    Of course, where it really falls apart is that McPherson seems to think that people still go to a video store and rent films. If they wanted any sort of movie, they’d stream it and would obviously go to a site dedicated to such films.

  2. “it really falls apart is that McPherson seems to think that people still go to a video store and rent films.”

    Maybe you’re seeing a scene from 20 years ago.

  3. Misogynistic joke about how at closing hour, all the pigs look like babes. Really surprised this gt past the editors.

  4. They helped him with his homework, consuming the drinks he practiced making. Then they picked out the movie.

  5. The speaker on the left side of the panel is a perfect example of McPherson’s inability to scribble. Given that the quality of the writing doesn’t compensate at all for the drawing, I just don’t understand why anyone bothers to follow “Close to Home”.

  6. I’m not sure how we’re supposed to pronounce “CIDU”, but if my version is right, I nominate this one for the “10 Best Subject Lines of 2019” list.

  7. Kilby (#7): I agree. If you told me that McPherson was paralyzed from the waist down and drew by holding a defective ink pen in his teeth (none of which is true), I might excuse this. But I find myself actually insulted by his astonishingly poor artwork.

  8. It looks like they’re watching a movie in which Paul Bunyan replaced Babe the Blue Ox with Babe the Giant Pig. Either that, or it’s Babe and the Giant Barn.

  9. @ Chris – For a while I wondered whether he was using a mouse to do these drawings, but the primary defect in all his work is that he insists on using the same fine-line penstroke for everything, and therefore has to repeatedly trace over the same line to produce anything thicker, which always looks messy. If he used a mouse (or tablet), he would have plenty of options for a heavier line width (but that’s not to say that he would use them, either).

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