1. If you have troubles you can put up a sign and beg for money and people will feel sorry for you and give you money.

    But if you have no troubles you are *really* in trouble because no one will give you money. So he’s putting up a sign about how how he has no troubles and therefore *really* needs help.

  2. Just a nonsensical variation on ‘No home/food/limbs, please help.’ Why do people leave money? Because the briefcase is part of the joke and might cause confusion if it were empty.

  3. I saw it as if he’s so delusional that he has no worries, he needs help. If I meet someone with no worries, I worry about them. How is that possible in today’s political climate? They can’t be paying attention, or they have Empathy Deficit Disorder, or at least a serious lack of regard for their own well-being.

    The collection may be for a psychiatrist.

  4. I think it is a take on the Notorious B.I.G song “Mo’ Money Mo’ problems”. This guy doesn’t have any worries/problems, so he is asking for money to get some.

  5. I was thinking along similar lines to Steve. Tho I might not say he is asking to get problems, that will just be a side effect, what he is aiming at is just money and he has a clever way of asking for it.

  6. endlessly sing “”No woman, no cry”

    How is that supposed to be parsed? Is it imperative: No, woman! Don’t cry! Or is it declaratory: if you have no woman, you have no reason to cry? Or something else? There is no woman who doesn’t cry?

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