Sunday Funnies – LOL, February 3, 2019

andertoons art

Submitted by B.A.

non seq jury andrea

Submitted by Andréa

cornered mitch4 Look at that S-Car go

1. Submitted by Mitch 4 with the caption “Look at that S-Car go!” 2. I’d already saved this into the Oy folder.


  1. The first one reminded me of “Back to School, Mr. Bean“, in which the French art teacher suddenly replaces a fruit bowl with a nude, leading Mr. Bean to produce an amusing sketch of a banana and two melons.
    P.S. After reading Mitch4’s submission caption, it took me several minutes to figure out that the replaced word in the comic’s caption was supposed to be “escrow”.
    P.P.S. I have a friend who once dubbed their family transporter “Vincent”, but I’m sure that joke has been retread all too often.

  2. The first one reminds of this one:
    An elderly woman walks up to a younger woman standing behind a counter and says, “I need to see the eye doctor.”
    The younger woman says, “You sure do, honey, this is a hardware store.”

  3. Some 1950’s TV comedy show had a courtroom scene where four men entered and sat in the jury box. Lawyer 1: “Isn’t that an awfully small jury?” Lawyer 2: “You’ve heard of the four men of the jury.” [foreman of the jury]

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