1. Mother-in-Laws turn up whenever there are new babies in the house. I think the comic is proposing a mysterious psychic connection, and then transferring it to cats (to make it clear it isn’t the telephone? But then if cats can have luggage and glasses, why not a cellphone?)

  2. One of the things that the midwife warned us about (before our first kid was born) was that when we were about to leave for the hospital, we should not tell anyone about it, most especially not the prospective grandparents. Apparently some mothers (or mothers-in-law) seem to think that they could “help” in the delivery room, even though they are as useless there as socks on a rooster.

  3. I thought…. the mother purposely asked for her mother to come and help out immediately after and it was a way of passing valuable knowledge that can only from and be passed on by experience. ANd I didn’t think it was in our *concious* knowledge to make a cartoon about. ANd having made a cartoon about it I’m not sure I see where the *joke* is (other than cats do what people do).

    When my neice was born and my mother flew out in a snowy christmas it was the closest bonding my mother and my sister ever had before or since.

  4. “Mother-in-Laws turn up whenever there are new babies in the house.”

    Presumably “Daisy’s mother” is not the mother in law (and the no-good father is nowhere to be had… as is how it should be with cats).

    Actually considering the fierce maternal instincts of cats, I find this cartoon to be really sweet.

  5. Kilby – when my youngest sister (of the 3 of us) was born my mom went into labor at 5 in the morning – guess who they told about going to the hospital – their sleeping 12 year old daughter- me. I did tell a friend of theirs who called later in the morning before I heard from them – she was worried as my dad’s car was missing too early in the morning. I managed to walk around loudly enough to wake my other sister (5) for company. No one told me that this could take awhile. By the time my dad called at 11 am I was rather worried. Sister was actually born at 5:30 – half an hour after they left (dad said good thing it was not 5 pm, rush hour would have kept them from getting to the hospital in time), but they did not want to wake the two of us.

  6. If they know who Daisy’s mom is then it seems kind of mean for them not to tell her. To say they don’t know how seems to imply they were deliberately trying to keep the mom in the dark.

  7. Two jobs ago, my colleague Peter’s wife was about to give birth to their first son. They are of Chinese descent (US citizens), so first son was super-important to the family.

    His mother-in-law flew to New Jersey from China to help out with the newborn.

    The baby was less than a week old when grandma fell down in their house and broke her hip. So now they were caring for both baby and grandma.

    I was laid off about 6 weeks later. I was sincerely glad they picked me and not Peter, the other half of my department–if there was ever a time when someone needed the paycheck more, that was it.

    (The company finally failed not that much later–the owners were arrogant and not familiar with the business they were in.)

  8. Is this a twist on the young unwed mother trope?

    Daughter-cat is in a heap of trouble for getting pregnant?

  9. A probably uninterpretable mis-storyline excerpt from Breaking Cat News, but it does illustrate that felines might have issues about unplanned pregnancies too.

  10. I’d thought of that, too, this morning when I saw it, but as you said – right in the middle of a story line. About a tv soap opera, so it’s in the middle of two storylines.

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