1. When she was young and skinny, baggy jeans were in style. Now she’s well-rounded and skinny jeans are in style.

  2. And the actual meaning of “star-crossed” is that the universe is against her. Most think it’s a romantic term. They don’t realize Shakespeare called Romeo & Juliet “star-crossed” because they were doomed.

  3. There’s a coastal village in Devon called Starcross. Not because it was doomed (or dooming) but maybe only as a contraction of an earlier name, Stairs Cross, as it had a cross at the top of the steps at its landing stage.

  4. So skinny jeans are back in style, which is out of Janis’s control, and because of that, she is star-crossed? I guess I never thought of skinny jeans as having to be worn by skinny people. It just indicates a tight fit, which could make one appear skinnier.

  5. I say this as somebody approximately the same age… should “skinny jeans are back in style” really be a major concern for Janis?

  6. Bill, as a woman, yes, it should be a major concern for Janis. Women’s clothes tend to not wear as well as men’s do (granted, this is partly because women’s “pants” tend to be thin, stretchy fabric, so if she had baggy jeans they’d do better). Therefore she doesn’t have the ability to just wear the clothes that she already owns until ones that are easier to put on come back into style and therefore into the stores.

  7. If you have a disaster, you are star-crossed. Disaster means “bad star”.

    “It is a wise person who rules the stars, a fool who is ruled by them.” — The Cosmic Muffin

  8. The universe is conspiring against her feeling actualized as a woman. She associates her personal success with being physically attractive. In the old days, as we see in the memory picture, Janis had a flat stomach and little ta-tas and strode around proudly showing them both off. She’s sad now because she finally has the full, lush ta-tas but has some pudge in the gut as well. So she feels the need to cover up. Really, though, for a 67-year old cartoon, she’s a bit of a hottie. If I weren’t afraid of Arlo, I’d hit that.

  9. ” I guess I never thought of skinny jeans as having to be worn by skinny people.”

    Um… really? Well, I suppose there is no law that says an elephant can’t accept an invitation to go through a mouse hole. But it might not be *physically* possible.

    ” It just indicates a tight fit, which could make one appear skinnier.”

    I’m not sure an elephant in a mouse hole looks small.

  10. ‘” . . . which could make one appear skinnier.”’

    Operative word here being ‘could’. I’ve seen WAAAAAY too many women (and some men) here in Florida who believe this to be true . . . makes me wonder if anyone here owns a mirror.

    Having said that, our first house here had WALLS of mirrors, SLIDING CLOSET DOORS of mirrors, and more mirrors in the bathrooms than should be legal. I had them all removed. OTOH, I don’t wear skintight anything; I’m perfectly aware of and honest about how I look.

  11. @woozy – Sure every mouse hole is small because mice are small. And yet you don’t refer to a mouse hole as a “small mouse hole” right? You just call it a mouse hole. So if skinny jeans can only be worn by skinny people, then just call them jeans.

  12. ” And yet you don’t refer to a mouse hole as a ‘small mouse hole’ right?”

    Depends on how small the mouse who made it is.

    You see a hole and identify it as a “mouse” hole, you’re suggesting it’s of an appropriate size for a mouse, as opposed to, say, a manhole, which is the right size for a man to go through. So, if you pick up a pair of “skinny” jeans, they’re about the right size for…

  13. All this “skinny jeans is for skinny people” hoo-ha is ridiculous. It refers to the type of cut of the garment. There are also regular fit, relaxed fit, boot cut and probably other styles. Skinny jeans are designed to fit the wearer tightly, hugging the wearers form. That could be on a very thin person or on a larger person. The skinny cut is typically not offered in very large sizes because it makes the wearer look like an overstuffed sausage, but it could be. “Skinny” describes the garment, not the wearer. Can only black people wear black sweaters?

  14. “The skinny cut is typically not offered in very large sizes because it makes the wearer look like an overstuffed sausage, but it could be.”

    The eternal problem of the blurred line between “Can I (he/she/you/they) wear that?” and “Should I (he/she/you/they) wear that?”

  15. From my quotes file:

    My bikini body is brought to you by the fact that I just put a bikini on my body, went to the beach & dealt with whatever it looked like. – Stephanie Mickus (@smickable) June 6, 2015

  16. And I think I could fit into the same car I had in high school, if I had had a car in high school and still had it now.

  17. “I can still fit into the same suit I was married in 18.5 years ago.”… For a wedding a few months ago I wore a suit I bought in about 1990, and if anything it was a bit loose. But I had had to buy that suit as the suit I previously owned and which I hadn’t worn in a while I took on a trip to the US for a company sales convention for the large college publisher I worked for, and when I put it on I promptly split it in the seat area. Oops. As our Turkey manager, Attila, had already observed in surprise one day on coming into the UK office after not seeing me for a few months, “Nick, you got a fat ass!”

    I think I had had an extended sedentary office period topped with afterwork pub sessions including beer and crisps, all part of keeping a jovial environment with my colleagues. It continues… every year at the time of the London International Book Fair we have a reunion gathering in a pub. Some people are still working in the industry so it is convenient if they live in the US or Singapore, but we also have retired ex-colleagues coming specially from Holland and Norway, for instance. But I have failed to bust another suit (I would probably still bust the trousers of the first suit, though).

  18. @narmitaj: Well, it helps that I was a fattie when I got married. And in Singapore, so we have a bit of a connection there.

    I found that working in a cube farm was very bad for my weight. First, I didn’t like the job, so certainly caused some stress eating. Then the bosses were always bringing in doughnuts or pizza or other treats. Cakes for birthdays. And when sitting in the cube got too stressful, the only place you could make a journey too was the little cafe on the the ground floor for a snack. Left the job 8 months ago and I work from home now. I only eat when I’m hungry. I’m also free to go for a walk when I want to burn off some energy. I’m down about 30 pounds in those eight months. Still fat, though.

  19. I went back further in time to the 1970s when the jeans were skin tight about the hips, but the legs flaired out to cuffs big enough to cover the entire feet, so the legs wouldn’t be the binding point as in panel 1.

  20. I weigh the same as I did in high school. No, really. I lost about 70 pounds over the past 20 or so years and have kept it off so I again weigh what I did in high school. When most people say this it is a big deal and means that are good shape. With me is just means that I am back to only being as fat as I was in high school. Only another 40+ pounds to go to what I am suppose to weigh -for some reason what I am suppose to weigh now is is 15 pounds more than I was suppose to weigh back then – I actually made it to that weight once, for about half an hour, than I started eating again.

    I still need the same size clothing as when I was the 70 pounds heavier, which I was bemoaning one day. Robert pointed out to me that since I cannot find the kind of tee shirts (my basic wardrobe choice for blouses) I like and need to replace some of the older (circa 1990) shirts and can’t, if I needed a smaller size I would really be miserable as I would truly have nothing to wear that fit me and would not be able to find anything.

    This size is 4 sizes larger than I wore in high school. Adding in that sizes have been changed so that a size 10 is now a size 8, I am possibly 6 sizes larger than I was in high school and 2 sizes larger than I wore 70 pounds ago. Amazingly confusing. 🙂

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