Sunday Funnies – LOL, January 13, 2019

bizarro waterrhymes king

mark jury

(I was debating whether to run this on the Oy Page

dark side of babysitting andrea

Submitted by Andréa

pole ba

Submitted by B.A.


  1. The jury one was funny but inaccurate: the judge oversees putting the jury together but does not make the choices or do the actual work. I’ll concede that it would be difficult to draw two lawyers, however. I wish the instructions had been in the form of one of those f****** Ikea fold out charts. Now THAT might have made spurt my coffee!

  2. Minor quibble: since “Polly Peachum” is a character in THREEPENNY OPERA, (set in London), why use that name of all possible names for a (fictional) early *American* character? (Maybe she left MacHeath and migrated to the colonies?)

  3. Mr. Grumpy, “jury instructions” isn’t choosng the jury, it’s what the judge tells them before sending them off to deliberate.

  4. The “Priceless” reminds me of one item in these press bloopers books that I laughed at for years.

    I don’t recall which of the two books it was in, but it was a picture of a suburban woman standing on her front lawn, one hand casually resting on a decorative lamppost in the yard. The news item was about her election to something like the city council chair, previously always a male office. The photo caption was “First Woman to Hold this Post”.

  5. “Sychronicity: The Rhymes With Orange joke was the cover of Mad #211, with Alfred E. Neuman as the artist. ”

    I’m not sure and 39 year difference can be called “Synchronicity”!

  6. Rhymes with Orange….The demeanor of the King of Diamonds is polished but he’ll be hard to deal with.

  7. I thought the same as Mr. Grumpy. To put together or “assemble” something fits perfectly with a jury being in pieces. Instructions might involve assembly but don’t necessarily have to. But jury instructions are a thing, so that could very well be it.

  8. Bill, I think you missed the joke. I’m very well aware of what jury instructions are. In the cartoon, however, the jury box is empty and the judge has in front of him a bunch of body parts as well as a set of jury instructions — i.e., instructions on how to put together those pieces to have a jury. Got it? The joke is using the term “jury instructions’ in a different way. I’ll repeat that I thought the cartoon was funny but off in a major detail and could have been better.

  9. Mr. Grumpy, I think you imagined a joke. The pun on ‘jury instructions’ depends only on the existence of the phrase; what that phrase actually means is irrelevant.

  10. Mr Grumpy – after our second Ikea chart, I have had no problem with them – and the first one was one of the ones where different add on sections assembly differently and our idea of what we wanted was not actually (we learned) one of the choice. I am happy to say that when Robert decided he need a lower back kitchen chair for his shoulder/arm pain and found one at Ikea after our weekly dinner in their cafeteria, I not only picked out the box, carried it to the car, figure out how to fit it into the car, carried it into the house and then did the complete assembly on it myself.

    Andrea – Which version of Threepenny? the 1950s (Bobby Darin recording) as or the 1970s Raul Julia version?

  11. Meryl, I don’t know if Andréa means a full recording of the “Opera” on its own, but I am more familiar with a pair of albums called something like “Lotte Lenya sings the Berlin theatre songs of Kurt Weill” and “Lotte Lenya sings the Broadway theatre songs of Kurt Weill”.

    We may think of CIDU as “Bills Ballhaus in Bilbao
    Bilbao, Bilbao
    War das schönste auf dem ganzen Kontinent”

  12. Mitch$ – the reason I asked is the version I grew up hearing of Three Penny with Lotte Lenya (and the pop music version by Bobby Darin) is a lighter version than in the later version with Raul Julia.

    BTW – Three Penny was based on the “Beggar’s Opera” written in 1728 – eight years before Anne, my 18th century “other” was born (well, that;s this year – next year she will have to have been born a year earlier, so it will be 7 years before she was born). She would have heard of it. I had forgotten when it was written and I will have to remember that for use at future reenactment events.

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