1. While I would be terribly concerned about the laces in that situation, I would not be concerned enough to stop and tie them.

  2. Untied laces will trip you if you step on the laces of one shoe with the other foot. But at full stride, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. I don’t think his mother has leg to stand on in criticizing his untied footwear. She appears to be wearing heels.

  4. Her options are heels or barefoot over rough ground. Remember, as the old joke goes, that she doesn’t need to outrun the lion. Maybe it’s a deliberate attempt to sacrifice him.

  5. That is some bad art.

    That lion is freaking enormous. Also, what’s with is weird dentition and snout? Lions are cats, their faces are flatter than that.

    Why is the man dressed for a safari but his wife for a garden party?

    I like the actual joke, truth be told, but that is some bad art.

  6. The combination of ‘Mother’ and carlfink’s comment, ‘. . . but his wife . . . ‘ makes me think this is a subtle reference to an unmentionable second-in-command office-holder. Weird.

  7. Yeah, untied laces won’t trip you up as long as your stride is longer than the laces – whereas high heels are exponentially more dangerous as speed increases, and ALWAYS dangerous on grass.

  8. Yeah, everyone gets kind of hung up on the “Mother” thing, especially when it comes to Pence, but it’s not really that unusual. People often get in the habit of referring to their spouses the way their kids do (or the way they want their kids to).

  9. “I’m also impressed that Mom is way ahead of him”

    It’s not as impressive when you remember they probably didn’t start at the same distance from the lion.

  10. Of course, I think we can agree that both of them are *already* “in trouble,” so maybe that should be modified to “you’e toast” (or “you’re Big Cat Kibble”).

  11. Untied shoes might be better. A few times I’ve managed to get my foot caught in the loop of the other shoe while running and gone tumbling to the ground.

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