1. I’ve always been impressed with this site in that I’ve never seen a spam comment. And also the fact that, despite the reputation of internet comments, a vast majority of comments on this site are rather intelligent.

    And although I have had a few comments flagged, I believe they’ve always made it through eventually.

    Obviously, somebody here knows what they’re doing!

  2. @ J-L – That “somebody” is CIDU Bill. WordPress is sometimes a little overzealous about (unpredictably) sending supposedly “suspicious” comments to the moderation queue, but I’m more than willing to accept the false positives, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spam comment that made it past the CIDU filter, which is pretty impressive. Bill always retrieves the mistakes, and I don’t think he’s ever deleted anything, unless it was somehow offensive or spam. .

  3. Since the system change, I have not had a single comment that was NOT held for moderation. Under the old system, I think I had only one comment that went into moderation in 8 (?? – give or take) years.

  4. Bob, there’s nothing about either your name or your address that should have raised a red flag. It’s not unusual for the program to just pick on a random person for a few days or a few weeks but a fell year is a bit excessive.

    You might want to try changing your log-in address. By which I mean it does NOT have to be a genuine address, just as long as you stick with it when you post. Use bob@cidu.com if that’s easy to remember.

    In fact, I’ve already pre-approved that address.

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