1. I suppose it’s not father time either. It’s the old year.

    I always wanted to do an ongoing strip about the year where we see him age from a baby in Jan to a middle aged man in July and so on. But I couldn’t think of many jokes. But I thought it be funny for a guy in mid to late forties to be enjoying a day in late august to enjoying a time to relax and enjoy life, see the first advertisements for christmas and become morbidly depressed. But other than that I didn’t have much.

  2. So the new year is like a 15-year-old kid in February? That’s probably why the weather is so screwed up that month.

  3. @Carl: Yeah, why doesn’t someone tell 15-year-old New Year in February to go to a beach in Australia? He’d have a blast and stop screwing with our weather.

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