1. P.S. I think I’ve seen the “science teacher” cartoon here before, but I think it was pre-comicgeddon.

  2. These are all good.

    On a side note, I heard that there was a survey of what people use to indicate something being funny. If I heard correctly, 55% use “Ha ha” or some form of it and 45% use “LOL”. It got me wondering if LOL is used more by women. At least that’s how it seems with the women in my life.

  3. There’s a friend of the family that some years ago was relating her bad experience with online bridge. It seems that things would be going along fine, then someone in chat would insult her by saying LOL, for “little old lady”.

  4. There’s the story of a post on social media about the death of a close relative, to which someone replied LOL, thinking it meant “Lots of love”.

  5. If the poll added up to 100% with just those two options, it’s obviously wrong &ltG&gt (or should it be <G>?)

  6. Herb Caen used the initials LOL for little old lady but in the early seventies or mid sixties. I doubt women use LOL more than men. I may believe younger people (i.e. under 50) may be more inclined to use LOL or simply as a signoff.

  7. “You forgot the semicolons after the ampersand codes”

    More exactly, I forgot whether they were required, hence the correct version within the parentheses.

  8. Mark M: When I started using email in 1980 or so, “LOL” did mean “lots of love”, at least in the circles I (well, my email) traveled. Took me a while to stop taking program checks when people started using it with the current meaning!

  9. MiB: I still use the first two; it’s been a bit seen I’ve seen the last two; and even a web search give me no clue about the other one.

  10. I don’t know HHCC.

    There was a recent debate online as who which of two options IMHO was supposed to be… Is it “in my humble opinion” or “in my honest opinion” to you?

  11. Phil Smith III, it was HHCC I hadn’t seen. Web searches bring up several meanings, none of which seem appropriate to your phrasing.

  12. Arthur: Doh, sorry! Misread. Yeah, never seen that one myself. No, I dunno how I missed it in the list.

  13. Back in the late 70s an internist friend of mine once wrote in an elderly woman’s chart “LOLFROG.” Which meant “Little old lady finally ran out of gas.”

  14. The time was around 1982 as computerized bulletin board systems started to proliferate. It was then that I started to see (and use) YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary, as in “This recipe feeds ten but YMMV”) and IMHO (originally In My Humble Opinion IMHO, but I may have been mistaken) and IANAL (I Am Not A Lawyer). If you wrote something that was funny enough, or more probably if you wrote something that was not really as funny as you thought it was, you might get the response Ha Ha, Clap Clap or HHCC.

  15. Husband worked with children who had emotional problems and often additional problem. There is some condition, I forget what, in which the child’s physical appearance just looks off and the designation in files is FLK – funny looking kid.

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