1. He didn’t just skip leg day, he skipped all leg exercise for the whole year, after (one presumes) a year of break between leg years. So his legs have atrophied.

  2. You’re confused because you’re trying to match “leg year” to “leap year”, and that doesn’t make any sense.

    But what’s actually happened is that while some people who go to the gym regularly devote different days to different muscle groups, and rotate reguarly to give the muscles time to recuperate and recover, this fellow rotates annually instead of daily.

  3. The specific trope is “skipping leg day.” Because leg exercises are about the most boring set of exercises. And because the upper body workouts are more immediately gratifying.

    When you do muscle-building weight training, your muscles swell up immediately, as you’re doing the exercises. (And then go back down to normal over the next hour or so, as they relax and recover.) And when you’re standing in front of the mirror, it’s feels pretty good to look and see your shoulders, chest, and arms all “swole”, as the kids these days say. But your legs don’t really do that. I mean, they technically DO, but you can’t see it as much, so there’s a real temptation to “skip leg day”, because you don’t get that immediate visual feedback. But if you do that too often, you don’t develop your legs, and so they’re weaker than the rest of you.

    Me, I… always skip leg day. I mean, even when I actually AM exercising, which is, y’know, never. I just tell myself, “I’m doing the elliptical machine as my cardio, so that totally covers it, doesn’t it?”

    (Spoiler: it doesn’t.)

    If you skip leg YEAR, though… that’s even more serious.

  4. Interesting. When I have gym routines the legs are the ones I’ll never skip. They are *easier* and the don’t hurt as much and I can be must impressed by the poundage I can do which is for and away more than any other.

    “You’re confused because you’re trying to match “leg year” to “leap year”, and that doesn’t make any sense.”

    um, *who* is trying to do that?

  5. I DU the comic but I never thought it had anything to do with leap year. After all, neither 2018 nor 2019 is a leap year so why on earth would I think it has anything to do with leap years?

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