1. Hovertext from a recent XKCD by Randall Munroe:

    It turns out that saying “Oh, so THAT’S why they call it Boxing Day” is a good way to get punched a second time.

  2. Makes me think of Bob & Doug McKenzie, who had a bit that went something like this:

    Bob: The Twelve Days of Christmas? Where do you get 12 days?
    Doug: Well, there’s Christmas and New Year’s.
    Bob: That’s two.
    Doug: Wrestling Day.
    Bob: Boxing Day.
    Doug: Boxing Day, that’s three.

  3. I have told people about the 12 days of Christmas and boxing day several hundred – if not more times in the past 2 weeks at the candlelight nights reenactment event we did.

    I also explained to a group in a discussion of comics online that Boxing Day has nothing to do with boxing up old clothes that one no longer needs since one received new clothes as gifts and donating the clothing to Goodwill or boxing up uneaten food and giving it to poor people – at least not in the 1700s or before and they think these ideas are the origin of the holiday and name.

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