1. There’s no joke in the first one, it’s just a random Christmas panel.

    The PCST is commenting on the fact that BC, when used with a date, means Before Christ, so Jesus’ birth marks their end.

  2. Jesus was born during the reign of Herod the King, who reigned from 9 BC to 4 BC. So, if the guys are around at the birth of Jesus, they’ve got a couple of years left.

  3. I thought it had been determined that B.C. takes place in a future post apocalypses world.

    The latter years of Hart’s version were rather confusing at times. So events did seem to indicate that. It pretty much gone back to the original setting.

  4. @James Pollock #8 Officially prehistoic, but a walking anachronism: regarding the Christian era, you will find an episode “Christmas Flintstone” (1964), special “A Flintstones Christmas” (1977), and at least two more Christmas specials. Elves, wreaths, Santa, reinbrontosauri ….

  5. The first cartoon reminds me of the final ep of Jim Henson’s “Dinosaurs” where everyone dies because of the Ice Age. “This is Howard Handupme saying good night. And good bye.”

  6. “a walking anachronism:”

    Yeah. Not exactly a closely-held secret that the Flintstones were anachronistic.

    “The Flintsones are ‘officially’ prehistoric.”
    “James, isn’t B.C. officially… BC?”

    Almost 3 decades ago, the company I worked for at the time bought a license to make Flintstones games. As a result, we had a copy of the HB story bible and reference artwork.
    We didn’t buy a license to make a B.C. game.

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