1. 3TB sounds good…until you lose/break it…

    ObAnecdote: Yesterday morning my phone wanted my PIN (Android does this every few days to keep you honest). I put it in; rejected. After several more tries, it was getting stern and I was wondering WTF. Finally decided to restart it; after that, PIN worked.

    The prospect of reinstalling and reconfiguring all the apps wasn’t something I was looking forward to, but it would have been OK. No actual data lives on the phone; pictures are backed up to the cloud. So why would I want 3TB?

    Not being argumentative, honest–just not sure of the utility.

  2. Phil, I’m not saying it’s normal behavior, but I like the idea of not only all the music I own to be inside my phone at all times, but also every Kindle book I’m likely to read or audiobook I’m likely to listen to over the next 5 years.

    That said, though, I also keep everything backed up on portable hard drive.

    For the record, my default is always accepting questions at face value rather than assuming somebody’s being argumentative.

  3. ” No actual data lives on the phone; pictures are backed up to the cloud. So why would I want 3TB?”

    Some people, er, photos they don’t want to send to anyone else, not even a cloud provider (where it can be hacked.)

  4. Gramps has only ever had rotary-dial phones. The number buttons for “dialing” were a mid-1960’s innovation by Bell, and weren’t universal until the 1980s.

  5. I’ve had a cell phone with physical keys. Qwerty layout, mostly. Sooo much more accurate than virtual keyboard and any predictive or corrective software.

  6. @James_Pollock, if you’re worried about the cloud storage being hacked … you have to worry just as much about the phone itself getting hacked remotely, which is generally quite easy.

    @Kamino_neko, I gather your tablet is really, really old (which in tablet terms means over two years old)? The storage just keeps getting cheaper and therefore more and more keeps getting included.

  7. It was only 15 years ago that my son’s middle school teacher told everybody to buy a horribly-expensive 1/4 Gb flash drive.

  8. I just replaced my Kindle for the princely sum of $30. I still own a previous version of the same model for which I paid $200.

  9. The first flash drive I used was 64MB.

    As for the Kindle, I have one with a bad screen. I can buy a replacement screen for about $45, if I’m willing to put it in myself. Or I can buy the exact same model, fully working, on eBay for about $30.
    I bought the new one that just came out, so I could have the larger storage and backlight that my old one didn’t have.

  10. If you’re going to put something useful in a phone, why not a bigger battery? They all seem to prize slimness over battery life.

  11. @ CIDUBill – When you leave the space out, wordpress thinks you are a different person, and doesn’t attach the correct icon.

  12. Mitch 4 – what phone is it. I have been miserable since my Blackberry died and I am stuck with an android whose “buttons” I never seem to be able to hit even when keeping my left thumb nail cut below the skin line.

  13. We don’t keep anything in the cloud – computers or phone other than what is required to be on Google to run the darn phone and that is in a gmail account only used for same.

    Husband has been pushing me to get a new laptop (I checked – kitchen laptop bought in 2005, work laptop in 2009 – both Win XP). I finally reached the point where I agreed with his promise to put a Win XP virtual machine in it for me for programs which cannot go into Win 10. In addition to the kitchen laptop becoming seemingly slower and slower, the battery life of my work laptop suddenly dropped from 4 hrs to less than 2 and I had to carry an extension cord plus the computer cord,as well as a flashlight as I had to plug it all in on the side of the safe at my client and it was not easy thing to do – needed a thin plug. We almost bought one computer, but problem with the store.

    He talked me into a HP from Costco – I hate HP due to past problems with computers, plus this one was $200 more than I wanted to spend (on a low end laptop – don’t need most of the bells and whistles). We bought it and then held it unused until after the Black Friday sales, just in case. He set it up. I started feeding in limited info/programs until we decided if I liked it. I hated it. He kept telling me the problems I was having were crazy and it was “a Meryl thing”. Windows opened at random. The zoom of the screen changed seemingly at random from minute to minute. I was almost crying. He finally tried using it as I would show things going on. He finally got software and wiped everything we had put in out and we exchanged it for a second one.

    Well, I still hate it, but boy what a difference. This time he had me using a portable browser in case it was not a problem with the particular computer and now I am using a regular browser.

    This means I now had to find and feed my passwords into programs 3 times!! I feed in the password – the computer rejects it and I have to keep trying until they are in and memorized. One site showed me as logged in – but not would not let me do anything until – yes – I logged in,which I could not do because… Other sites rejected the passwords even when I pulled them up in the security section of my old laptop and copied them. I figure it will be months before this computer is fully operational and I only use for limited things – browsing in the evenings to certain sites and limited programs needed at clients (accounting software – not even tax software) or traveling – which is basically the same as evening browsing.

    I hate changing computers.

  14. Meryl A re Android password: You don’t have a passcode set? Tsk. That’s not good hygiene–if you ever lose your phone you’ll not be happy. Plus I do company email on it and they push policy that forces a 6-digit passcode (which irritates me).

  15. Phil Smith III – I don’t even know what a Passcode is – different from a Password? Anyone finding my phone will have a long list of robocall numbers made to me, an occasional call to the Pharmacy, text message between Robert and me that read along the lines of “?” “toys” or “ready” “ok”, a less than monthly text to the gmail account of my embroidery chapter to keep the gmail phone number (or whatever they call it) active in case there is ever a call, and shopping list. I mostly keep my info in my old Palm Centro and schlep it along.

    I have this phone under protest as there is no other – lesser – choice and only because my Blackberry – a passable substitute for my Palm – died.

    I will double check with Robert as to why he never made me set one.

  16. Meryl A: Passcode = password, it’s just the term Android uses.

    Risk is that email is accessible (is it?) and they can use that to leapfrog onto other accounts, using password reset to get at them.

  17. I checked with husband -which is why I am posting annoying additional post. He explained that passcode is password.

    The only “email” in the phone is address needed to run it, which is not one of my emails and exists only because the phone needs an email address. I do not get or send email on my phone – it is only checked on a computer so no active emails are in the phone. We do not do any banking etc online in general. We have one credit card that we use for online, mail order and similar purposes with a very low balance and I do not use it – Robert does. There is not much that goes through our cell phones that would do anything if something happened to it.

    As to losing it – Robert almost laughed his head off. The phone is my front jeans pocket when we are out of the house or when I am walking around the house. Once a month when I go to a client it is in the bottom of my briefcase. So there is not much chance of it getting lost outside the house. If I take it out to text him, it goes back in my pocket/briefcase after he replies right away. In the house and in the RV it would not really matter that it is lost, because it would be in same, but when it is out of my pocket it is in one of several specific places – depending on the room I am in. Chances of losing it are pretty low.

    I did remember some other items in the phone – list of my embroidery books, specifications for stuff needed to make reenacting clothes (fabric amts, size/# of buttons…) Phone numbers of spammers who have called me on the number.

    But thank you for the warning. I appreciate it.

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