1. Most likely the cartoonist just likes orange whips. A lot of smaller theaters still sell tickets and concessions from the same place.

    Otherwise, might be a concession to the tradition of a Christmas orange.

  2. I didn’t know what an “orange whip” was, so I Googled it. It is a golf training device with an orange ball on the end of a stick. I don’t think they are sold in theaters.

    Elf number 1 has bought his three tickets and is holding them. Elf number 2 is going to buy three tickets. Is every every elf going to buy 3 tickets?

    Is Nutcracker a movie now? I know it’s a ballet. It is performed in Boston every year by at least two different dance companies: Boston Ballet, Jose Mateo and sometimes others as well. None of them sell any food or drinks that you can bring into the theater. Seats are reserved so I suppose you could buy 3 of them to ensure that you have room to stretch out, or perhaps practice using your orange whip without hurting anyone.

  3. Arghh, my comment got lost. MiB, orange whips should be like raspberry whips – – twisted or braided segments of long chewy strings of flavored candy. Some resemblance to how pseudo-licorice is delivered

  4. A search for “orange whip candy” enlightened me as to the Blues Brothers scene that Zookeeper alludes to above. It’s a drink. John Candy the actor is why the search hit that, and not because it was already a candy.

  5. “Who wants an orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips.” Blues Brothers

  6. From IMDB.com:
    “John Candy orders three orange whips. This line was not scripted; Candy just improvised. While also a cocktail, Orange Whip provided refreshments for the crew, and Costumer Sue Dugan was daughter of the Director of Sales for Orange Whip, Kenny Dugan, who asked the brand be mentioned in the film.”

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