1. The lady is the Ghost of Christmas Past. She glows (in most adaptations…I haven’t read the book since having to adapt it myself for school, so I don’t remember if she’s described as such there), which is why she has the aura, not reacting to anything.

  2. Past went out, did her bit, and came back. Present walked out and did his bit and he has just walked back in.

    Eventually you figure this all out. Not much of a joke; just a riddle to solve and feel like you “got it”.

  3. I think Kamino Neko has the joke: We’re worn out by him; it’s up to you.”

    But, as I said elsewhere recently, That makes no sense if you’ve actually read the story.

  4. “behind the scenes of A Christmas Carol” is the joke, I think. And maybe that the ghosts are at a bar…bars are inherently funny, right? At least, if you’re on deadline…

  5. You know, jjmcgaffey, I think a caption reading “behind the scenes of A Christmas Carol” is the missing ingredient. So often, a clue about what the artist is getting at makes all the difference.

    That wouldn’t be over-explaining, it would simply be letting the reader know where to look.

  6. Basically, I think his thoughts were, “What were the other two spirits doing during each one’s gig? How’d they coordinate it so Scrooge didn’t have two spirits show up at once?” Maybe they had a stage manager with a clipboard and a headset saying, “Okay, Christmas Present is finishing up, so Yet to Come, you’re on in 90 seconds…”

  7. It works for me in a mild way. Compare to gags about what Santa does in the off season or Death when he’s not grim reaping. My own impulse would to be to make it more work related. To wit:
    “Past softened him up and I got him crying. Future, get in there and close the deal!”

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