1. I always figured Max was a case of Stockholm Syndrome anyway. How else could he be faithful and true to the Grinch? Years of captivity up on top of that mountain finally got to him.

  2. I’m assuming the CIDU is that you don’t recognize Max, the dog from THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS? If he was a reindeer, he’d be in a better position: Santa doesn’t steal stuff, and generally speaking, has an invitation, so he’s not trespassing, and therefore isn’t breaking and entering. Santa’s actions are all with the consent of the residents, and aren’t illegal; the Grinch, on the other hand, is very clearly breaking all sorts of laws.

  3. You’ve never seen the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas? My God, man, what kind of isolated, deprived childhood did you have?!?!?! I’m sure therapy is available!

    Seriously, this was a part of my childhood–to the extent that the year it was released on video (early 90s), I got THREE copies from various friends and family. Definitely a classic. The subsequent movies should be considered an entirely different story.

  4. Oh, puh-lease . . . never watch the reboots if you can help it; your mind will be FOREVER tainted. What about all the political cartoons that have been published this year, featuring the Grinch . . . you didn’t understand those either, Bill?

    I actually have a Max the Reindoggy ornament on the dogs’ tree. As well as a Grimmie from ‘Mother Goose and Grimm’, altho not a Gromit from ‘Wallace and Gromit’. Yet.

  5. We actually do buy ornaments almost every year: whenever we travel anywhere, we buy one for the friends who keep an eye on our house: a Chicago Cubs ornament last year, a little rocking horse the year before in Potsdam, a cable car the previous year from somewhere or another…

  6. It’s not glued, it’s tied (you can see the string in this picture). The Grinch dressed him as a (half-assed) reindeer as part of his Santa disguise. (His stealing of Christmas involved dressing as Santa, breaking into the Who houses, and stealing all their gifts and decorations…)

  7. Well, to ME, MAX is the hero of the story, not the Grinch. But then, I”m a dog fanatic ‘-)

    Someday, we would like to make our pack into a MaxPack, with one dog dyed green to be the Grinch. Dream on, Hubby says . . . but there ARE headpieces of one antler for sale for dog costumes.

  8. Phil Smith III: “I got THREE copies from various friends and family.”

    Could you send of of ’em to Bill as a belated Chanukah gift?

  9. “Well, to ME, MAX is the hero of the story, not the Grinch. But then, I”m a dog fanatic ‘-)”

    Max (and his reactions) are where Chuck Jones showed of the ChuckJonesiousness of the cartoon.

  10. Andréa: I would, but (a) they were VHS (so probably not playable 25 years later even if Bill has a player) and (b) I no longer have them because VHS is dead and so are all my VHS players!

  11. Well, the ORIGINAL is the book, which was pure Dr. Seuss, but the TV special was fine. Geisel and Jones had worked together on the Private Snafu films for the army. If you’ve seen “Booby Traps” you remember the piano with one key rigged to set off the bomb (Jones) and that one key with two tiny gloved hands gripping the plunger (Seuss).

    Oh, and don’t forget Thurl Ravenscroft (Tony the Tiger) singing the song.

  12. ” He’s a dog with antlers TIED to his head.”

    Even more accurately, he’s a dog with ANTLER tied to his head.

  13. Fun Grinch fact: while Boris Karloff was the narrator, he didn’t sing “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”. That was sung by a voice actor with an even more amazing name than “Boris Karloff”: Thurl Ravenscroft. (Also known as the voice of Tony the Tiger.)

  14. And unlike Boris Karloff, Thurl Ravenscroft was his real name. (Karloff was born William Pratt.) Of course, while Karloff looked like you’d expect a ‘Boris Karloff’ to look, Ravenscroft looked like someone Brundleflied Clark Gable and John Waters.

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