1. Def a geezer reference. It’s getting easier to stump the whippersnappers, though. A smart young man in our office has graduated college, worked competently for a few years, but has never seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I hope Justin Timberlake doesn’t attempt a remake…

  2. I’m an old whippersnapper (70), and I’ve never seen it either . . . maybe ’cause I don’t like Chevy Chase (nor the kid in those ‘Home Alone’ movies’).

  3. What’s the weird line that continues from the bottom of his nose around his chin? A mis-colored beard?

  4. Today, “What’s in the box?” is more likely to trigger an image of Brad Pitt than anyone who ever appeared on the Sullivan show.

  5. I think that weird line is just a facial line. He’d look much more amiable without it, which, I believe, is why it’s there.

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