1. So, the minivan has one of those stick figure families on it. He wants to get in a petty dig by erasing her from the van before surrendering it.

  2. Removing the decal seems pointless. He could have requested adding a broom and a pointed hat to the design.

  3. He hates her. He wants to erase her but cannot so he settles for erasing all references to her.
    He probably has cut her out of all the pictures in the family albums.
    He wants to remove the decal for the same reason but hasn’t yet because she has kept the minivan: he has no access to it.

  4. Yeh, it seems beside-the–point whoever gets the minivan. If he demanded it, he could redo the decals at will. If he turns it over to her, what is the point of removing the mother decal? Make it look like it’s not her vehicle, when in fact it is?

    My thought for what he could logically demand (peevish, yes, but at least logical) would be to insist on truth-in-decaling, and give her the minivan on condition that the DAD decal be scraped off. Marking it as a vehicle of divorce…

  5. He believes in truth-in-advertising, and an intact stick-figure family on the window of the minivan is no longer accurate.
    If he scraped his own figure off the window, she’d just replace him with a different man(-sticker), thus defeating the point of notifying everybody she drives past that she couldn’t keep a family together.

  6. Ohhh, stick figure family! I drew a total blank on this. But yeah, the direction of giving up seems off.

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