1. A great bridge by that wrestler. I used to do that when necessary and paid for it for years.

  2. I love fruitcake. Especially if you add a little something to it.

    I’d buy a fruitcake, put it on a platter, pour a rum/orange juice mixture on it, let it set in the fridge for a couple of weeks, spooning the juice over the cake daily. Yowsah!

    I don’t do it any more, though, since I’m diabetic. Le sigh.

  3. […henceforth, fruit cake shall be known by its more accurate name: “raisin brick”. ]

    Stephen Colbert, The Late Show (Big Furry Hat segment).

  4. I have a rum bundt cake you’d like, if you could eat it . . . there is spiced rum in the batter; I then poke holes in the baked cake and pour a rum/butter/brown sugar mixture into the holes and over the cake.

  5. I can recognize all but one of of the playground “participants”: what is that thing on the swings (next to the candy cane) supposed to be?

  6. “I can recognize all but one of of the playground “participants””

    Good point. Is that tree at the bottom of the slide a cookie? Is it common dye the dough green before baking? Common, that is, not unheard of…meaning would most people recognise that as a drawing of cookie if it was taken out of the context above?

    In my mind, x-mas tree cookies may have green frosting, but are not green themselves.

    I’m probably being too picky, but Kilby’s post got me wondering about other people’s x-mas tree cookie experiences.

  7. Christmas cookies are sometimes made with food coloring, so I think the Christmas tree cookie is fine.

    My question is about the thing at the top of the slide. Is that a plain old chocolate chip cookie? Those are sometimes served at Christmas, but they are also served at all other times of the year and are not particularly associated with Christmas, so it seems an odd choice, if that indeed is what that is.

  8. “Those are sometimes served at Christmas,”

    I think they’re often left out for Santa with some milk. Maybe that’s the association with Christmas.

  9. @Andréa

    “I have a rum bundt cake you’d like”

    Ooh, I would indeed like that. I’m going to sit here for a minute and have a virtual piece.

    Oh, yes, that was good. Thanks!

  10. @ Usual John – I think the cartoonist just ran out of ideas for appropriate holiday treats (for instance, there should have been something on the open end of the see-saw). Five seconds of mental review called up “sugarplums” and “figgy pudding”, but I have no idea how either of those two could have been drawn convincingly.

  11. Okay – it is now Friday, Dec 21 here (well techinically Saturday very early am). I don’t know if I will get on again (to finish reading back to Dec 17) before Christmas as we will be doing reenactment events the next 2 nights – which take us from 3 pm to 11pm from when we start to get dressed 18thc until we are back home and in 21stc clothing (tonight was canceled for the huge rain storm).
    So – everyone who celebrates same – I hope you have a great Christmas!

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