1. I take it more as metaphor than actually meaning no one can hear her. It’s like the old joke, “Jews don’t recognize Jesus, Protestants don’t recognize the Pope, and Baptists don’t recognize one another in the liquor store.”

  2. Because otherwise, the “joke” doesn’t work. A joke that forced needs a “me too” tag.

  3. It makes perfect sense to me, and it got a smile. The joke isn’t in the “hear you scream” part, it’s in the “having to try on a bikini is just as horrifying as having aliens lay eggs in my belly” part. And the humor is specifically in the fact that this is a bizarre overreaction.

  4. First impression is that trying on a bathing suit is horrifying.

    Second impression is in the dressing room *everybody* can hear you scream and the logic is so pointless you shouldn’shouldn’t say anything.

  5. If she didn’t scream when she saw the results of her last haircut, I don’t see why the bikini would bother her.

  6. It is more along the lines that most women hate trying on bikinis and have the same reaction when they look in the mirror that if you scream in the dressing room no one will “hear” it just you will not “hear” the screams of others.

  7. I was going to comment, “who buys a bikini in December?,” but I suppose people go on vacation in warmer climes. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen a big swimwear section like this at this time of year.

  8. @Dysfunctional: “I was going to comment, “who buys a bikini in December?,”

    Er, Australians and potentially anyone else in the Southern Hemisphere?

    /// Well, maybe not so much the *guys* there. . . .

  9. Kevin – my thought exactly.

    When I was a preteen I asked my parents why stores sell bathing suits in winter and I was told that it was because people go on cruises in winter.

    I have since learned – when else would they sell them? Certainly not in spring or summer – that would make too much sense and the summer clothes are gone by then. Much like when we went into Ace the last week of November (with over 3 weeks of fall – 1/4 of the season – left for the year) and were told that the rack to hold garbage bags to put leaves into the bag were no longer available in the store as it was a “Fall item” and had been returned to the warehouse at the main office’s request – it could be ordered though – oh, and the reason the website showed it in stock is that being shown on the website as being in stock does not mean any items actually are. (Actually I am glad it was not in stock – having found out what it was it would not have been of any help and would have been a problem for me.)

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