1. Discussing the “liquefication” of any creature still alive seems particularly creepy, especially given recent political events. The question is whether this was composed before or after October 2nd.

  2. Maybe the creature wants to be left out of the fossil record so that when he is genetically recreated millions of years later, he’ll be that much more terrifying. (see the first “Jurassic World” film)

  3. We all know the fossil “record” is just fake news, a stumbling block our deer leader in the sky put down to test our faith. But OK, lots of unenlightened sinners look to it as if it’s real, so let’s just nudge them to realize it’s all fake, by showing how obviously it’s not going to show an accurate record of how things were, because vanity will have them editing it, just for starters. So it’s obviously untrust-worthy, don’t you see? Come on sheeple, wake up!

  4. Jamal Khashoggi
    Saudi Arabian journalist
    Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian journalist, dissident, author, and a general manager and editor-in-chief of Al-Arab News Channel who was assassinated at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on 2 October 2018 by agents of the Saudi government.

    Details are too gory to enter here.

  5. October events aside, I thought it was funny. It also made me consider what types of critters there might have been that have no fossil record. All of my kids- including the girls- loved dinosaurs. I considered once that the Creator made them just for 20th century-and-beyond children to fascinate over. I can’t imagine the guy on the right as a stuffed child’s toy. That’s ok, though; he’s fine with that:-)

  6. ranedeer: I think that’s the point: They want to liquify it so that it won’t leave an (ugly) fossil record.

  7. Kilby is saying joking about “liquefying” something is in bad taste.

    However as they are referring to liquefying after death I don’t think it applies. However pulverizing a corpse isn’t really “liquefying”.

    The joke seems to be they want to liquefy the ugly thing so there won’t be a fossil record (not a contradiction– a necessity). The critter who knows he is ugly and doesn’t want to continue being an abomination resignedly admits he is fine with that because he knows he doesn’t deserve to be remember and knows he really never should have existed in the first place.
    Which doesn’t really work because they are talking about after his death and many (indeed most) don’t care (or spend much time) worrying about what happens to their corpses.

    And, I don’t know about you, but I never found these “Kill me, I’m too abominable to want to live” particularly funny.

  8. He was also dissolved in acid, reportedly.

    But, no that story didn’t come to mind until Kilby mentioned him.

    Also, as a note, fossilization is hard, and you don’t need to dissolve a corpse to prevent fossilization… Unless this creature’s whole species looks like that (and they’re pretty populous) the chances of its ‘polluting’ the fossil record is vanishingly tiny.

    (Also, he’s far from the ugliest or most ridiculous looking beasty every to walk the earth, even among terrestrial tetrapods. It’s hard to beat this boy for stupid looking. Yes, that really is its proportions. And there’s several dinosaurs with heads as greebly as its – pachycephalosaurids are especially prone to it.)

  9. Oh, that’s true, Kamino Neko. But still a stretch. even if the cartoonist had drawn this the day after the news story broke, I doubt he would have made the connection.

  10. Perhaps he considers becoming oil — someday, a valuable commodity — an acceptable legacy compared with becoming a fossil?

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