1. It’s a so-so pun on cornucopia. Unfortunately, every time I see it, at first it looks like pornucopia.

  2. As bornucopia it’s a weird and pointless pun. But pornucopia is actually pretty dang funny. I have a feeling this is a “Dung beetles in their dirty dungarees” type joke. THe cartoonist really wants to do one thing but knows he can’t, so he does something in a similar vein that just doesn’t work and makes no sense.

  3. The comic made me think of Jason Bourne too for some reason, but I couldn’t think of a way it would make sense.

  4. “But I was being serious….”

    Dang, it. I heard on the radio this morning that there was an idiot walking around with his joke meter out of whack. But dang if there aren’t hundreds of them.

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