1. The llama antibodies for a flu vaccine was in the news recently.

    But, the people in the lab just wanted a llama as a pet and had already bought one. *Then* they found a justification for it.

  2. Strangely Robert keeps bringing up that we should get a llama. So many of his (online weaving) friends have them. He tells me that they are not nasty like sheep (not that we have or would have any of same).

    Now, he knows that we cannot have same – both my fear of animals and local zoning regulations. But he keeps asking. I point out that he would have to clean up after it and we would not be able to travel – he says we could take it with us – ha ha, we barely fit in the RV. He says that they are very nice and fairly small.

    I hope he doesn’t find out that they are working on cure for flu using them .

    (Of course he knew before asking and while he continues to ask that there is no way that we could have a llama.)

  3. Your instincts were correct, Arthur: it was indeed a CIDU. Somehow I managed to forget to click the box (now I have).

    For the record, if it shows up on weekdays at 12:02am ET, it’s always a CIDU.

  4. It’s not uncommon to have lower-level managers with authorization to spend the company’s money. Usually, there’s a limit on how much they can spend. OK, what happens if, after something’s been bought, we discover that the price was higher than the person who bought it was allowed to spend? The vast majority of time, an ex-post-facto request goes up the line to someone who DOES have the authority to spend that much money, where it gets approved, and that’s the end of the story.

  5. @ beckoningchasm – It certainly seems logical that they would need “smaller antibodies” if the vaccine were intended for “flies”.

  6. @Meryl A, Next time he asks, just tell him “Okay. You get the permits” Since it’s illegal, you’re off the hook.

  7. Llamas do like to come into the house and watch TV, and they also don’t mind traveling in a van. But they are not indoor pets.

  8. Hey, I didn’t say it was a good idea to get a llama and he wouldn’t really – “but all my friends have one” is what I hear. The fact that most of these people live in Australia and New Zealand or on a farm should tell him that a llama on a less than 1/4 acre property – where I am sure zoning will not permit it – is a really BAD idea – but if asked what he wants for Christmas….

  9. @Meryl A,

    My brother-in-law, when asked what he wanted for christmas, birthday, whatever, always said, “Three million dollars.” So I wrote him a check for $3,000,000.

  10. @Chak: And did he then say that “Hey, if it’s all the same to you, that one might be hard to cash, so could you give me a million checks each for three dollars instead?”

  11. Chak – I take care of financial things due to being an accountant. Over the decades I have tried hard to have him know what is going on with everything (I have worked with several widows whose husband “took care of them” and needed help when he died and I did not want the opposite to happen with Robert). He always balked as he did not want to think about anything happening to me – we had a car accident – car totaled – a few years ago, but were very lucky and were not injured. After that he suggested that I make a book so someone could take over and know what to do.

    But decades ago he decided to show me how he felt about me since I never want presents. He went looking for our checkbook and found one for one of our ancillary accounts instead of the main one. He wrote me a check for a million dollars to show me how he felt (well, it was when a million dollars was worth a buck 🙂 )/. I still have the check in my jewelry box.

  12. @Meryl A, Yeah, it’d probably be pretty hard to toss something that valuable.

    My sister tells me the the BIL keeps his check in its own cubbyhole in his desk. He calls it his “nest egg”.

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