1. If this had been written in German, it could have been a joke about Death coming to collect the old man’s “eggs” (equivalent to his “nuts” in English).
    P.S. It’s only a matter of time before we see a comic with a squirrel as Death. Dead squirrels might be pretty popular around here.

  2. I prefer the DEATH of Rats (a/k/a The Grim Squeaker), here pictured with Quoth the Raven, by Paul Kidby (and Yes, I’m on a Sir Terry kick, having just read through the book, HISWORLD, about the exhibition in England) . . .

  3. @ woozy – Perhaps it was just pseudo-synchronous: that bit about reality and expectations was a major topic of the book fair article in the previous thread.

  4. Old Man: What the heck?!
    Death: What, did you think you were immortal?
    Old Man: Oh, I knew [etc].

    ie: Old Man reacted with shock, Death thought it was because he wasn’t expecting to die…but it was really because…REALLY? THIS is Death?

    (It totally makes sense, though…basically anyone who’s raised chickens agrees they’re tiny death machines.)

  5. Kamino Neki.

    Exactly. Although I don’t think shock is necessary. In fact I think it’s funnier if it’s just mild bemusement/disappointment.


    Weird, the first and third line of my above comment got deleted. (Did they come off as insulting? If so I apologize, it wasn’t my intent). Which makes the current first line somewhat inexplicable.

  6. @ woozy – Bill does not edit unless explicitly requested. It must have been a quirk in WordPress. Did you put the missing lines in “<angle brackets>”?

  7. P.S. For instance, I’m sure that I tapped a lowercase “p” when I wrote “wordpress”, but it appeared with CamelCaps.

  8. P.P.P.S. Confirmed. Word(p)ress edited the standard name (second in the list) to capitalize the “P”, making it match the third form. Nasty.

  9. No, my comments weren’t in angle brackets but the were my usual snide condescending self….

    (First line “Um, is this a cidu…?” and third line “What’s not to get?”)

    (Obnoxious as those were, my post as it now stand has me “explaining” the joke simply by repeating the joke which… well, doesn’t make much sense.)

    (Must have been an unintentional cell phone deletion. That happens.)

  10. Yeah, that last comic has it all: Death, and I completely fail to understand it. Where’s that !@#$ing squirrel to explain it? (Guess it doesn’t have it all…)

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