1. I’m not sure these two are really synchronous. The first one is from today (dated “11-19“), but the second one appears to be dated “91-1-5“. 😉

  2. I’ve been in ‘discussions’ with a flat-earther, who also believes 1) flu shots cause autism; 2) gravity doesn’t exist; 3) neither does the space program nor the moon landings; 4) all sorts of other nonsense. I guess if you believe ONE conspiracy ‘theory’, you believe ’em all. But what a LOTTA WORK to keep ’em all in your mind AND continually twist one’s mind around all the illogic of these so-called theories. (Oh, he is also a fanatic for he-who-shall-not-be-named-lest-I-be-put-into-moderation-heck.)

    Anyway, for some reason, these two comics don’t work for me, gravity-wise. The ‘alien’ one – why would they be perfectly upside-down? The ‘OZ’ one – been there, didn’t happen. Seriously, it’s not the lack of gravity in this one, it’s that the gravity is all in the Northern Hemisphere?

  3. Because the teacher insists that “when we STUDY Australia, we REALLY IMMERSE ourself in the subject! How can you hope to know what Australia is like if you don’t turn yourself UPSIDE DOWN, since that’s the way THEY LIVE out there!”

    Same caption could have been used if, for example, the students had to navigate a classroom packed with sheep and hopping kangaroos and with boomerangs whizzing through the air.

    Mildly amusing at best.

    If you have to have an Australian joke, I prefer the one about the kid who was unhappy that his mother walked up the stairs to his room to read him a bedtime story, but had brought along a book about that country which the kid didn’t like: “Ah, Mom, why did you bring that book I didn’t want to be read to out of about Down Under up for?”

  4. Wayno’s drawing is not as rich (?) thick (?) evocative (?) atmospheric (?) dense (?) as Pirarro’s. Oh, hell, Wayno’s drawing is not as good as Pirarro’s. It’s too clean, it’s too thin, it’s too open, it’s too………….

  5. @ Big Chief – Well, yes, but my time shift goes the other way. I have no idea what woke me up, but when I couldn’t get back to sleep, I decided to read a few comics.

  6. Years ago, before the internet, I would get SO ANGRY if I awoke and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now, I just go online for a while, read comics, do some puzzles, some email (cyberfriends in Europe and Australia are often online, too), until I get sleepy. (I try to avoid the news; it’ll just make me angry, which negates the entire reason I went online.)

  7. Andrea – we have a friend from reenacting who says that he was taken by aliens to their ship and examined. He ran for state office in the recent election and while he was no where near a winner, he did get several tens of thousands votes.

  8. The scary thing is that THESE PEOPLE get the same vote (1) as do we who know that gravity exists, the world is round, and there is no basement in the pizza parlor.

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