1. You know how dung beetles are sometimes in the comics (more times than I think is funny, but that’s besides the point)? Well, I’m awaiting a DEATHWATCH BEETLE joke.


  2. At the phrasing makes me think of . . . Christmas. Wonder if that was intentional (you know, autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas all rolled into one, and way too early).

  3. Oh, and

    3) “DEATHWATCH BEETLE”??? Is that a phrase I’m not familiar with? I know what a death watch is. But not what a death beetle or a watch beetle or a deathwatch beetle.

  4. This would’ve been better placed BEFORE the comic last week when Death ‘Pied Piper’d’ the leaves away.

    I’m beginning to think that cartoonists are plopping Death into a comic, just to do so. not to be funny. It may be Autumn’s theme in the ‘Cartoonists’ Theme Manual’.

  5. “To attract mates, these woodborers create a tapping or ticking sound that can be heard in the rafters of old buildings on quiet summer nights. They are therefore associated with quiet, sleepless nights and are named for the vigil (watch) kept beside the dying or dead, and by extension the superstitious have seen the deathwatch beetle as an omen of impending death. ”

    The moral of the story is – always live in new houses.

  6. The proper way to phrase Pterry’s name with his title is Sir Terry. (Or Sir Terence (with or without the Pratchett) if you want to be properly formal…or Sir Pterry if you want to be particularly goofy.)

  7. (To simplify the above, it’s properly Sir Forename or Sir Forename Surname, not Sir Surname. The same applies to the ladies – it’s Dame Judi or Dame Judi Dench, not Dame Dench, frex.)

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