1. The apartment is big enough to fit a ping pong table but nothing else. So the seekers complain it is too small to live in. The realtors using perfect logical ask “if it was unliveably small would it have a permanent ping pong table”. The idea being having a ping pong table proves it can’t be unliveably small.

  2. The “if it really” part makes me wonder if he has read that “unlivably small” on some comments site and tries to anticipate / answer it for his potential renters. (Or they had read it and mentioned it to him.)

  3. I lived in a basement apartment in an old house that had been converted to apartments (btw, never live in a basement apartment). As it was an old wood-framed house, I could always hear the people upstairs walking around. Oddly, I would sometimes hear rapid movement, then followed by running. It happened often, but intermittently. One day, I walked by their door as someone was going in and saw they had a ping pong table set up.

    People like that should be exiled.

  4. I once lived on the second floor of a 6-flat, and the people on the 3rd floor made *lots* of running/pounding noise. The neighbor on the 1st floor called me one evening to ask what the yell I was doing, and couldn’t believe it when I told her that was coming from the 3rd floor.

    So she went up to investigate. It turned out that the two apartments on the 3rd floor held college students (male) who liked to play basketball. Indoors.

  5. We lived in an garden apartment building (2 floors). A couple moved in above us and along the way had a baby. (We on the other hand had a small washer and a small dryer – what joins these items together is that they were all not allowed. (When I would have the someone from,management in for repair or such I would hide the washer and dryer and let her know so they did not hear the baby. )

    We would try so hard to be quiet for the baby (they were a nice couple as opposed to some other neighbors in the building). We watch TV very late night. We tried to keep the sound down, but found when we shut the TV off was when the baby would wake up and cry – I guess it liked late night reruns of Mary Tyler Moore show also.

    Then the baby was old enough to start moving around in a baby walker. We would hear the wheels rolling and squeaking across the ceiling.

  6. @ Singapore Bill, Not really. Once they realized how much noise they were making and how far it carried, they stopped completely.

  7. Having read the story behind James Thurber’s cartoon “All right, have it your way, you heard a seal bark,” I wonder whether the table wasn’t just a regular table at first, but then he cartoonist realized his perspective was shot and decided to make the table into a ping-pong table and the caption came from that.

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