1. A haboob is a type of hot desert wind. Apparently the cartoonist has just learned this word and decided to make a comic based around it.

  2. I knew this strip would land here when I saw it this morning. It seems a little strange to use a word of Arabic origin to describe a North American dust- and/or sandstorm, although the sample photos on Wikipedia show that the phenomena on various continents are clearly comparable. Contrast this to hurricanes / typhoons / cyclones, which have three different names, depending on where they are located.
    P.S. @ larK – Well, to his (minimal) credit, he did not use the word “bodacious”.

  3. @ Mark M – Ih know that we’ve seen comments at CIDU by at least one author, but I don’t remember who it was, and I’m sure that it was pre-Comicgeddon.

  4. B.A. – you presume that Frazz knows the word. He looks a bit thoughtful about it as if wondering what the second syllable (so I don’t use a word that might make problems) has to do with storms.

  5. I hear about haboobs from an old school buddy that settled in Phoenix. Dust clouds higher than the city, looks like a scene from the mummy.

  6. Every year haboobs show up in TV news, so most people should be familiar with the word.

    And it might stick in the minds of some kids because of the second syllable.

  7. “where are you that haboobs are in the news on a regular basis?” According to my Brainstormer Trivia night, the Southwest. That was a question and it was a stumper. The Answer was The Southwest (it was multiple choice) so it must be so.

    (Which is to say I’d gone 50+ years without ever having heard of them.)

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