1. Yes, but what you REALLY wanted to ask was about this . . . as opposed to Robert Crumb, how many know this character, and who the artist was?

  2. Cheech Wizard, drawn by Vaughn Bodé. Probably more of a legit geezer reference than Crumb, since I suspect Bodé would be completely forgotten today if he hadn’t…eh…inspired Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards. (Bakshi’s ‘Peace’ character is basically a pallet-swap of Bodé’s Cobalt 60, and the rest of the Wizards world has a very Bodé feel to it.)

  3. There’s definitely a strong influence there, yes. Sir Dudley could certainly be Cheech Knight. Heh. Elements of Phil Foglio, too. Thompson seems to wear his influences on his sleeve.

  4. @ Andréa – I’m pretty sure that character was reproduced (but not actually named) in a tangential article contained in “The Best of Pogo”. Bodé was pictured too, with a brief mention of his self-inflicted death (whether that counts as stupidity or suicide is hard to determine).

  5. What I remember of Cheech Wizard in National Lampoon would fill the Arlo page. It was pretty trippy and semi-erotic most of the time. But then, that was what the times were, or at least trying to be portrayed as.

  6. Cheech Wizard seemed to be always changing and evolving. Just when you thought you had it figured out, off it went in another direction.

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