Sunday Funnies – November 4, 2018

speed bump aphrodite andrea

Submitted by Andréa


bizarro adam and eve

I guess Arlo and Janis didn’t think of this…

You mean there was a file in that cake you sent me peter arno

“You mean to say there was a file in that cake you sent me!” Actually, this would have been prime interrobang territory.


rhymes with part

And one for the Arlo Page


  1. Venus has apparently had a mastectomy. Not only is her left breast (which is below the hand in the painting) not visible, the curve of the right one is missing, too.

  2. The file in the cake gag doesn’t quite nail the landing. If he simply dumped or gave away the cake, it’s unfortunate (for him) but not especially funny. Maybe something like, “Next time, put a larger file in the cake. One too big to swallow.” Or, “There was a file in that cake? So that’s why I haven’t seen Lefty in weeks.”

    “Steamboat Bill Jr.” has a great sequence where Buster Keaton tries to get his tough guy father out of jail with a loaf of bread loaded with tools. The old man wants nothing to do with his son’s baking. Buster tries to pantomime the contents whenever the jailer’s not looking.

  3. I found the bird, O2, alien, shoe, dynamite, pie, crown, eyeball, and bunny in that Bizarro relatively easily, but the reduced resolution made it very hard to find the K2.

  4. Yeah, I can’t find a K2 (though even before you saying there was one there, I assumed it was the one I wasn’t seeing, since it’s both especially common and particularly easy to hide)… Li’l help?

  5. P.S. However, the benefit of looking it up was that I discovered that Piraro (or Wayno) finally got rid of the annoying illustrated frame. I might put Bizarro back on my Sunday list (Wayno’s dailies aren’t consistent enough for my taste).

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