1. Each of these three has a bothersome element that seriously undermines the humor, and I’m not talking about the respective “oy” effects. For instance:
    (3) that “Reality Check” heaven must be pretty full of dead jokes by now. Would that it were full of dead squirrels.
    (2) I did like the tea joke (on the contsiners), but using the word “instant” in the dialog spoiled the execution.
    (1) As for the first one, it’s simply a matter of extremely bad timing, appearing just one day after Khashoggi was killed.

  2. P.S….and… (0) No matter how carefully the commentary is written, one strategic typo can spoil it all.

  3. Kilby: re: the ‘chainsaw manicure’. My apologies; I didn’t even put the two together (which is unusual for me, being a pedant and all); I don’t think the murder was considered such nor made the headlines ’til a day or so later . . . and maybe ’cause I’d just had a mani/pedi and I was focused on that.

  4. @ Powers – Nothing, really, other than blood and dismemberment, and the fact that the publication date accidentally fell nearly synchronous to the murder, but that’s clearly not the cartoonist’s fault.

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