1. I am not sure where I have heard it, but I am pretty sure I have heard before that the grocery store is a good place to find a guy.

  2. Geezer reference; calling it an “urban legend” is a thin attempt to shrug it off.

    Back in heyday of Single Bars and such, there were pop culture references to connecting in supermarkets. I remember more or less earnest articles on the best local supermarkets for singles, what to look for in a prospect’s cart, and advice. Also a hidden camera thing where a woman demonstrated how to chat up a guy in a supermarket by “subtly” mirroring his movements. For me the lesson was undercut by the likelihood that very few men would respond unfavorably to an attractive lady being sociable, mirroring or not.

    Cathy did some gags on the theme. She sees a handsome guy and begins loading her car with diet foods. He picks up a box of Pampers. She reverts to high-fat snacks.

    A Sunday had her in the wine aisle in a series of brief conversations. Something like this:
    Exuberant first man: “Vino for another big party!” Cathy thinks, single six weeks.
    Tearful second man: “We use to drink this together!” Cathy thinks, single six months.
    Calm third man: “Mother and I have a glass after dinner each night.” Cathy thinks, single thirty years.
    Last panel has her telling Andrea, “They were all the right age but wrong vintage.”

    For the record, some decades ago a lady of my acquaintance said she met her husband at the supermarket. He was on checkout, and noted her phone number when she paid by check. I had the impression they were both near-kids at the time, which made it a little less creepy.

  3. Sue & MA offer valuable insights, but the actual joke in this CBDU is that the “bridegoon” is still wearing his work apron at the ceremony.

  4. If that’s all there is, I’d have gotten it if the caption had started after the last comma. The rest made me believe I was missing something more.

  5. I suppose once upon a time you could assume that a guy shopping at the grocery store was single. Like over 40 years ago.

    This might have been improved slightly (low bar and all that) if he’d been a butcher. Then McPherson could have gone for a “meat/meet market” joke. Though that’s probably pretty geezery too.

  6. Couples are always meeting in stores, according to the news stories I’ve seen where some have had their weddings in the store.

    IIRC there was also a news story from a long time ago where a supermarket held singles nights.

  7. “We recently went to a wedding for two Antennas. The ceremony actually wasn’t that special – – but the reception was great!”

  8. There was an episode of “Happy Days” (yes… geezer ref) where Richie went to the supermarket to find a girl. The idea was that you “accidently” ran into a girl’s cart as a pretence to facilitate a meeting. He ended up ramming into Fonzie cart as I recall.

  9. I didn’t meet Robert in a store – but I did meet his parents and sister in one. As I have mentioned before, I worked in the fine jewelry department of a local household goods department store (Fortunoffs for those who know it). Robert and I were going on our first date on Friday evening. During the week before a couple with their daughter (around 12) came in. I worked at the “junior rings” department – meaning women’s rings that were priced – depending on when while I worked there – under $30, under $40,or under $50. The girl wanted an opal ring. As they were looking at them I told them that opals are fragile and not recommended for children. They bought her one anyway. As the father handed me the card I looked at the name and asked if they had a son who went to the same college as me – they did – and it was Robert. To this day his sister has not forgiven me for calling her a child – and how was I to know that were buying an opal ring as she already had one with just about every other stone.

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