1. Chip is right. The headless horseman now has three girlfriends, not just the one in the story, and it’s supposedly because in making his fake head he generated enough pumpkin spice to make the drinks shown for all three of them. Lame, yes…

  2. Chip has it, but I think Dave T missed the mark. Thanks to the pumpkin spice craze, the Headless Horseman now has the equivalent of a very attractive cologne. It doesn’t work, because pumpkin spice doesn’t smell like pumpkin. It’s a mix of the spices that go into pumpkin pie: nutmeg, cardamom and a couple of others.

  3. DemetriosX — you use cardamom in your pumpkin pie? That sounds intriguing. I’m used to “pumpkin spice” being basically mulling spices — mainly cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice.

    But I’ve been making a pumpkin and ground beef stew recently which starts with those, but also includes cumin, mint, and ginger, and that works. Cardamom could work, too.

  4. Frankly, it’s funnier without the caption. Headless Horseman just chilling, chicks dig his horse, etc.

  5. @ianosmond: Well, I just assumed cardamom was part of it. It’s a pretty standard fall/winter spice, at least in Germany.

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