Personal Synchronicity of the Year

So… my wife and I were having a bite to eat in a diner in the city, and the 1986 RUN-DMC/Aerosmith collaboration of “Walk This Way” started playing over the speakers. Neither of us had heard it in years, if not decades, and we discussed how the song brought RUN-DMC to the mainstream and brought Aerosmith back from semi-obscurity.

Then on to the theatre for Bill Irwin’s one-man show about Samuel Beckett. Midway through, seemingly out of nowhere, he says that even he needs a break from Beckett sometimes, and the public address system begins to play…


  1. The weird thing that I don’t think anyone predicted was that Aerosmith, revived by a collaboration with Run-DMC, would long outlast them. Granted Run-DMC had a long run as pop groups go (almost 20 years) and can’t really reunite what with one of them being murdered and all.

  2. I’ve never heard this song before. And I can’t figure out if the explanation is that I’m too old or that I’m too young. (I was born in 1977.)

  3. Please tell me he didn’t spend the entire time in a garbage can, ‘Waiting for Godot’. In the movie, ‘My Blue Heaven’, he only has a small role, but one I like to watch as he ‘dances’ the macarena or some such.

  4. I knew it was ONE of his, but didn’t look it up. I seem to remember one of England’s royalty had that part . . . seemed symbolic to me, somehow.

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