One Hell of a Synchronicity

Bonus points for the three of them appearing consecutively in my feed this morning.




And I’m awarding the Speed Bump (English Teacher in Hell) the LOL tag,  while tagging the Pardon My Planet (Toilet Lid) as a CIDU.


  1. I thought it was women are in hell to and the damned men are helping make it hellish for the women.

    (Or maybe its Pardon My Planet with delusions of coherency.)

  2. I think the idea in the “toilet lid” panel is that the devil just informed him that there are no women in (this) hell. It doesn’t work as humor, unless the reader accepts the tacit premise of a rigid heterosexual morality in hell.
    P.S. As partial compensation for the defective panel, let’s recall a classic Far Side: “Oh, man! The coffee’s cold! They thought of everything …”

  3. Usually, we men get yelled at by women for leaving the seat up, not the lid. Now, if he would have said he never had to flush, that would be hell.

  4. “No women in this hell”. That’s just the sort of thing this cartoonist would assume is utterly obvious but isn’t at all.

    Is there a reason one would assume hell is segregated?

  5. I’m so pleased to see you all distinguishing the lid from the seat. Usually when I see one of those seat-up/seat-down debates, I want to shout at them “Don’t your toilets have LIDS?”. Closed lids solve the dog-drinking problem, the toothpaste-cap problem, and the seat-position problem.

  6. “Closed lids solve the dog-drinking problem, the toothpaste-cap problem, and the seat-position problem.”

    1) How does a toilet lid solve the toothpaste-cap problem?


    2) What is the toothpaste-cap problem?

  7. “Oh heck, I had taken the cap off the toothpaste tube, and was holding it while trying to put the paste on the brush at the same time, and it fell out of my awkward grip, right into the open toilet! Now we have to find another way to close the toothpaste tube — maybe crumple some foil?”

    Claiming that lid-down solves this depends on regarding bouncing on the top of the lid to be less unhygienic than falling plunk into the bowl. And I do regard it as such.

  8. Though modern packaging has found other solutions, like a standing pump device for your toothpaste, or for small tubes a cap with a flip-open insert so you don’t have to unscrew it or have the cap entirely separate at any point.

  9. Luckily my master bath has the toilet on a different wall than the sink and is actually behind me when I am working with tubes. I mostly use Colgate, which has the flip-tops mentioned by Mitch4, but I have other tubes with tiny screw-caps (skin creams and the like) that are perilous.

  10. Also, it’s more hygienic to flush toilet with lid down.

    So now I know why my newest toothpaste tube has an attached flip top. Things you learn about whilst talking about other things.

  11. As valuable as toothpaste caps are, I worry more about dropping my smartphone in the toilet. I suppose I could leave my phone in a different room. Oh man, never mind. I’m talking crazy now.

  12. I see that some of you have developed the habit of always closing the lid, as I did, and for the same reason, only in my case it was the toothbrush I dropped in.

  13. Before we had kids, my wife and I used to disagree about the position of the lid, but having a toddler about the house convinced me of the necessity of closing it. Luckily, it was pretty easy to teach the kids that the lid is supposed to be down at all times, so now we have a majority of “lid policemen” in the family.

  14. Robert is a butterfingers. His toothbrush never went into the toilet bowl, but his hair brush did – and I to deal with washing and sanitizing it for him.

    When we got the RV it became imperative NOT TO DROP ANYTHING IN (that didn’t belong) as if something ended up going down the drain (a trap door at the bottom of the commode which opens when the peddle is stepped on) it will be in the “black” tank. In the particular setup we have everything from the black and grey tanks will be sent out through a macerater. Anything which cannot be broken up easily by same will break it and items such as hair will wrap around it and break it. So, if someone dropped something into the tank, the tank has to be removed (dropped) and cleaned out – not a cheap thing to have done.

    Looking at all the stuff on the shelf in the toilet cabinet I got a little worried about something falling in while we were driving, so I instituted a “toilet lid is always closed when it is not in use” policy.

    Then when I thought about it, I decided it was a good idea at home also to prevent my having to fish things out – that and we saw the episode of “Bones” where she explains what comes shooting out when one flushes – and those she worked with, bought new toothbrushes.

    Robert has a flashlight on a lanyard cord that he wraps around his arm when he needs to look in the RV tank through the commode (to see if it is getting too full – the sensor and lights always registers 3/4 full.

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