1. Usually it’s the baby’s arrival time and weight (and size) that are announced. But, what are those things flying around the husband’s head? Maybe he fainted during the birth and left? I had dogs rather than kids, so I don’t know what the protocol is here.

  2. Looks to me like he was out on the town with his buddies while his poor wife was giving birth. He turned up too late, and the joke is conflating a normal birth announcement with an announcement of the hungover father finally turning up. This is a “What terrible people some men are, eh? Sheeh!” joke, I think.

  3. I’m not sure the dots around his head have to be a sign of inebriation: they might just be sweat, either because he was rushing to get there (late), or because he’s nervous about getting an earful from his wife.

  4. Hmm, we don’t really see enough of her face to get an interpretable expression. But are those apology flowers, or just hospital flowers?

  5. Sadly the father is still working a low-level job and so he can’t say he’s truly arrived just yet.

    (And I think more than one car commercial has used a similar play on the word “arrived”.)

  6. My daughter was born in an operating room. I (with family) was waiting in the delivery suite which would have been used for a non-surgical delivery. A nurse brought my daughter to the room for various grandparents to coo over, and some time later, mommy finally arrived in the delivery suite… the last to arrive.

  7. I’m guessing mommy was there at the birth, which would hardly make her the last to arrive.

    (Unless this is a trick question and it was a surrogate birth)

  8. “I’m guessing mommy was there at the birth”

    I see that I left out a detail. When I said my daughter was born in an operating room, I was implying that my ex-wife was ALSO in that operating room.

    They had to put her back together with staples and tape, before they brought her to the delivery suite. She was the last one to arrive.

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