1. I am sure that L.F. is right about “Pinocchio” being the artist’s intention, but I had to look up whether he really had strings.

  2. In the last (third) panel, what does he see in the fire that alarms him so much? Still a CIDU for me! I do see the controller and the special sticks — but they are safe in his hands, not being burned.

  3. He is missing the head, body and one leg. Not a good sign. I guess that instead of becoming a donkey Pinocchio has made an ash of himself.

  4. Well, it doesn’t actually have to be Pinocchio. Assuming the clown is a puppeteer it could be a generic marionette. And if the clown is discarding it because it’s broken or no longer useful, why not sell it with the firewood? And if it is Pinocchio, he should be a real boy by now because that’s what happened at the end of the story. So I see several ways to get it but none of them are funny.

  5. Ranedeer’s suggestion is logical, but it would make the outcome too definite. It is the tension caused by Buni’s uncertainty that makes the third panel work.

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