1. Install a new tap, and more people will come to your bar. Provide drinks, and more people will come to your party. Some people get more social when they drink.

    So a turtle with a beer tap? Makes the animals socialize more, I guess.

  2. It’s been a really long time since I followed BC (like before Johnny Hart got religious), but it seems to me there were times where John has had various things going on inside of and with his shell. Rather like Snoopy’s doghouse.

  3. The fact that the drink is stored inside, or comes from inside (ick) John, makes it for a much more intimate relationship.

  4. John K., I think it’s more like a TARDIS, or Snoopy’s or Marmaduke’s doghouse. Drinking turtle (or any) blood does indeed seem pretty Icky.

  5. There are things that work and thinks that don’t. John ducking in a rummaging through stuff stored in his shell works. Attaching a tap to his side does not. It’s just seems like he tapping his bodily secretions.

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