Death Never Takes a Holiday

Seriously, what is it with comic strips featuring Death lately? It’s not just one or two strips: this seems to be a trend across the entire “comics page.”

Maybe all these artists are hitting Middle Age at the same time?

Some sense of foreboding in the air?

The artists have all joined a book club and they’re passing around Neil Gaiman graphic novels?

These two are just from today:


(And by the way, I don’t really get the Lio: Death is going to discuss job opportunities at Tartarus Inc.?


  1. The Career Day is being held at Lio’s school. Lio has brought the Grim Reaper to make a show-and-tell presentation about his job.

    This makes the assumption that the G.R. doesn’t have to be the one and only G.R. of all time and actually wants to have colleagues or at least apprentices.

  2. re: not getting Lio…
    Career Day is supposed to be full of inspiring messages from people with interesting occupations. The Grim Reaper’s presentation may not be the kind of thing the teaching staff has in mind, but it promises to be memorable.

  3. OK, I wrote it before, but I’ll repeat – has this trend begun since Sir Terry Pratchett made DEATH a major character in the DiscWorld and DW has become so much more popular in the US, OR am I just seeing it more because I’ve been reading DW (I began in summer 2001), OR is it ’cause of CIDU?

  4. @CIDU Bill: “And if Death IS going to discuss job opportunities at Tartarus Inc., why is Lio bringing him to school in a wagon?”

    Ordinarily he’d arrive via a boat piloted by Charon, or by skeleton horse, but Charon and the horse are both booked at other schools for other career day talks.

    (Plague was also so booked, but called in sick.)

  5. The wagon establishes that Liō is bringing Death to school. Without it, it would look more like Death was just trailing Liō, as if he were about to die.

  6. Bill, I don’t see a trend. It’s just your perception. Death has appeared in all sorts of comics for many decades. The Death family were repeating characters in Pearls Before Swine for a while, for instance.

  7. I think it’s a little ‘grim’ that Lio has brought Death to a school, especially in light of all the recent school shootings. This is in quite poor taste, I feel.

  8. “This is in quite poor taste, I feel.”

    Unless, of course, this is a political statement. In that case, it’s rather poignant. Is Lio the kind of comic that would do this? If so, I like it.

  9. In the Lio he had to bring someone for career day and his choice is -.

    In what looks like it should be Bunny the grim reaper sneezes and accidentally kills what he sneezed on. I would presume that he is a Bunny grim reaper.

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