1. My wife has this power, although our relationship is much better than the one pictured. I’ll be lying there in the dark with my eyes open staring at the clock or window or something, and out of nowhere she’ll say, ‘What’s the matter? Can’t sleep?’ It’s freaky.

    On the other hand, maybe she just says that randomly most nights and I only occasionally answer when I’m actually conscious.

    Is she supernatural or nuts? Hard to say, I guess.

  2. Andréa, I see Venetian blinds also, like beckoningchasm. But not the viewpoint seeing thru the blinds. Rather, there must be a lot of outdoor ambient light, or moonlight, or a streetlamp, and their blinds are not tilted to total closure but are allowing a little light in. And it produces stripes.

  3. So let’s take a poll: How many see Venetian blinds (raise your hands – one hand to each person, please). How many see shading to indicate nighttime (ditto).

  4. I hope my comment wasn’t misleading. Yes, the dark bands are certainly meant as nighttime shading to indicate the room is mostly dark. But what are the bright lines? I see them as light coming thru the gaps in the blinds, and somewhat illuminating parts of the room. Neither the dark nor the light are the actual blinds themselves, nor a view out thru the gaps.

  5. I saw exactly as Mitch4 saw. The perspective is from inside the room, with the Venetian blinds behind the “camera.” If the artist just wanted to show a dark room, why not use a single wash over the entire drawing? I was complimenting the artist on a very clever depiction.

  6. I see it as Mitch does but It’s also possibly this particular cartoonists solid color style.

    As for the Joke. I both think Minor Annoyance has it at 1. but … I don’t get why it’s supposed to be funny.

  7. Hmm, that does make it interesting — also the one in the interview. The shading in this “Stop Staring” one are more regular than in the dugout one; but not really as mechanical as our blinds reading might need.

  8. I actually thought it was that somebody taken an old comic and highlighting it, then photocopying it, then scanning it. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. That’s just what flitted through my head when I saw the weird lines.

  9. The lines being drawn as straight across with a gap between them, it still looks like “shadows cast by Venetian blinds.” The other shadows in his work look more like solid shadows. But I guess we can agree to disagree.

  10. 1. Mitch4 has it; light and shadows through venetian blinds.

    2. They both like sleeping on their right sides. She has no choice but to stare at him until she drops off. But he’s annoyed at that.

  11. @Arthur: “They both like sleeping on their right sides.”

    Are there really people who always sleep on the same side / in the same position all night, every night? I suppose there must be, but until I read this line, I think that had literally never occured to me. Sounds . . . boring.

  12. I start out my left side, facing towards the center of the bed. Usually I wake up about 1-2 hours before “get up” time and go to the bathroom. When I get back, I switch to the right side so I’m facing the edge, and therefore my night table with alarm clock etc. On the rare occasions that I have a restless night, I might switch back and forth a few more times.

  13. I don’t think it was the artist’s intention to represent venetian blinds, even if the result is somewhat evocative of that. To me, it looked like he misplaced his normal “wash” brushes, and used an orange highlighter pen instead, which turned gray when rendered in monochrome.

  14. Although I argued that venetian blinds ambient light not through, I do think it was intended as shading. All the doctors I’ve ever talked about back pain and sleep problems seem to act as though sleeping on one side through the night is common and very easy to do, you might as well tell me to walk on my hands for twenty feet with a key in between my toes to unlock a door on the ceiling for my ability to do that.

  15. Shrug: I’ve slept on the same side my whole life. I only recently started trying to sleep on my other side, and find it difficult – it just feels weird.

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