1. I guess my thinking is that for humans it is the most dangerous sport. For lemmings cliff diving is the most dangerous.

    It doesn’t really make any sense.

  2. … the more I think about it the less sense the caption makes. It’s very clear that the joke is that this lemming in *climbing* the mountain is a complete Outlier to every other lemming who is leaping off the very same mountain. However the caption is … weird. Is it dangerous as he’s soon to be bombarded by lemmings going down the other way?

  3. I think woozy is right in that it is supposed to be an avalanche of other lemmings that makes it dangerous… but then I think that implies that the other lemmings (allegedly) leaping off cliffs is itself a dangerous sport for them (lembungie jumping, perhaps) rather than something else (mass suicide, population pressure, following the herd like sheep, inadequate awareness that ancient throughways have been turned by landslides into cliffs).

  4. For a human, mountain climbing would be the most dangerous sport (not really, but just go with it), but for a lemming, it’s only the second-most dangerous, because walking around at the top of a mountain is even more dangerous (not really, but just go with it).

  5. Lemmings think of falling off mountains/cliff diving as “cool” (obviously, if they’re all doing it). Climbing UP a mountain would be dangerous because it would be uncool. That’s why the lemming in the comic doesn’t want to meet anyone he knows – he’d be mocked relentlessly for going the wrong way.

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