1. I disagree: it was both a compliment (“you’re smarter than that“) and a kick in the kiester (“get your @$$ in gear, you lazy twerp“). I think Frazz may be complimenting Caulfield’s ability to discern both of the meanings in the teacher’s admonition.

  2. Assuming Caulfield can master the art of a butt-kick disguised as a compliment, it’s not only the most important skill he’ll learn all year but one that will set him up for never working hourly.

    Though the teacher’s comment in today’s strip…is even more confusing. “I don’t see him growing up.” Dying young? Staying mentally/emotionally childish all his life? Not sure what she’s saying.

  3. @jjm: I read today’s strip as her not seeing him growing up mentally. A bit like Frazz in that respect.

  4. Chris Mundale: Based on today’s strip, what she meant to say or imply was more like “I don’t picture you growing up and getting a job, so you don’t have to worry about getting paid (by the hour or otherwise).”

  5. @ Chris – Caulfield is complaining about having to produce output, but the teacher’s response tacitly confirms her intention to continue grading on it, so he had better produce some soon.

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