1. The peanut gallery on GoComics was in general pretty dissatisfied with the “Heart has a summer cold and goes into a psychedelic dream from Mrs. A’s home remedy.” arc. There was also a fair amount of confusion about middle school. She was in elementary school last year.

  2. @Brian: Generally speaking, one is in elementary school the year before the first day of middle school. But, yeah, I thought they were at most in 3rd or 4th grade, not ready for 6th.

  3. References to Dean’s and Heart’s age are few and far between, but they were originally in 2nd grade and then in fourth, so I suppose a jump to 6th continues the progression.

  4. “Middle school” can also mean a lot of things, depending on where/when/what school division you go to school in. Where I live now, there are some middle schools that are 4th or 5th grade to 8th or 9th, Jr. High schools that are 7th to 9th, High schools that are 8th to 12th, 9th to 12th or 10th to 12th. And that’s just in one city! So middle school is pretty vague to me.

  5. My comment was only meant as information. All I could tell was that she was in Elementary, but I couldn’t determine the grade. I don’t know what grades are in Philadelphia public middle schools.

  6. My district once had a 4th-through-8th middle school, so it’s possible, if somewhat less likely in a city school district like Philadelphia.

  7. A look at the School District of Philadelphia’s website indicates that their middle schools are 6th though 8th grades.

  8. Heart going through puberty is definitely going to be a strip-changer.

    Tomorrow’s strip: she runs into Dean and they notice she’s suddenly six inches taller than he is.

  9. Terminology when I was a kid seemed to be:

    “Middle school” 6th-7th-8th grade
    “Intermediate school” 7th-8th
    “Junior high school” 7th-8th-9th

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